About BCRE

Group at a glance

The Brack Capital Group was established in 1992 and has been involved with extensive real estate activities, energy and venture capital investments. The Group has built a global presence with offices and teams in London, New York, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Moscow, New Delhi, Amsterdam and Limassol.


In 1994, the BCRE Group commenced real estate activity in Manhattan and the UK, establishing its capabilities and position as an internationally active investment, development and management group.


Since then, the Group led Real Estate investments totaling of $9 billion and over 40,000,000 sq. ft. in property.


The BCRE Group combines global perspective with local experience and over time each of the local management teams developed strong research, development, construction and zoning capabilities.


In 2002 the Brack Capital Group led and managed the acquisition of a leading Dutch property company, Haslemere N.V., for an equity consideration of €1.2 billion.


Since 2004, the BCRE Group is carrying out its real estate activities through BCRE N.V.




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BCRE leverages its global investment, development and management experience to identify and execute opportunities in local markets and employs expert, local management teams to generate exceptional returns. The following are key components of our strategy and have contributed to our success:


* An investment and analysis approach based on multi layered risk management throughout the life cycle of the project;
* Highly incentivized, vertically integrated and independently managed local teams in each domain of operation;


* Focus on organic return growth on the project level;


* Access to quality deal flow in each local market;


* Employees with a substantial aggregate knowledge base and diversified experiences who have remained with the Brack Capital Real Estate Group over a long period of time;


* A global view which allows for diverse risk analysis, hedging and efficient funds allocation;


* In house research and finance capabilities including substantial experience with M&A transactions and structured finance;


* In house development capabilities such as construction management, design coordination, procurement and property management;


* In house construction capabilities through wholly owned construction subsidiaries.